Aída Ramírez
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Aída Ramírez
Aída Ramírez
Aída Ramírez

Hello! I am Aída Ramírez,
voiceover talent in Latin Spanish.

Hello! I am Aída Ramírez, voiceover talent in Latin Spanish. I have been a voiceover since forever and I own a professional recording studio. I am passionate about my profession, I have had the opportunity to record the voice for several brands and companies in Mexico and other countries such as the United States, England, Spain, France, Brazil, Portugal, among others.

Some brands and organizations
I have worked for are:
  • > UNESCO
  • > Secretaría de Educación Pública
  • > Comisión Federal de Electricidad
  • > Gobierno del Estado de Yucatán
  • > Pepsico
  • > Ayuntamiento de Mérida
  • > Italian Coffee
  • > Corona
  • > Dinosaur National Monument
  • > Microsoft
  • > Súper Aki
  • > Among many others.
Aída Ramírez
I am professional

All my recordings are made in a studio, following international quality standards.

I am fast

I clearly understand the needs of my clients, that's why my priority is to deliver the work in a timely manner.

I am current

I keep myself up to date in the new trends and technologies that continuously arise in the industry.

I am effective

I dedicate myself to each project and meet my client's exact needs.

I am experienced

I have been a voiceover for several years and have had the opportunity to work in a wide variety of projects.

I am versatile

I have the ability to give my voice different intentions, tones, inflections and shades according to the needs of each client. I am fluent in neutral Spanish and my pronunciation in English is excellent.

I am passionate

I love what I do, and I believe that with my voice I can create magic for each of the brands with which I have the opportunity to collaborate every day.

Aída Ramírez Aída Ramírez